N. Richard Grassano

Certified Public Accountant and Business Advisor

An accomplished Certified Public Accountant experienced in a broad range of financial reporting, income tax, and consulting and advisory services to a diverse group of entities operating in a wide range of industries.  Strategic accounting professional adept in all traditional public accounting services and many special services including accounting, internal audits, tax filings and tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, SEC filings and compliance reporting.

Knowledgeable in domestic tax regulations as well as international taxation and foreign tax issues.

He is a graduate of Bloomfield College in New Jersey and has been active in the New Jersey and the Florida Societies of Certified Public Accountants serving on the Federal Tax Committee while residing in New Jersey. An expert witness at both the State and Federal Courts, and has acted as consultant to many other CPA practitioners seeking his specialized knowledge. He is a licensed CPA in New Jersey, Florida and Texas. He spends a majority of his time in South Florida.

“Aggressive Representation”

What exactly does that mean? It means looking forward, not looking back; Most accounting and financial professionals spend their careers in historical accounting looking at what happened. We strive to look ahead and see what’s next. Tax law is changing almost daily, some will affect you, and some won’t. Knowing which ones is looking forward, but knowing HOW they will impact your bottom line is aggressive representation.

Mr. Grassano’s services are provided courtesy of a domestic or foreign trust