Summary of 2013 Tax Act

We have an excellent PDF published by CCH available for the asking. Its 13 pages and great reading for the “library” and explains everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.  The good news (for us at least) is the complications that were temporary under the prior acts are now permanent.

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Boca Accounting LLC is now part of South Florida Financial Advisory Network

We have joined an association of firms “South Florida Financial Advisory Network” effective immediately. This strategic alliance will allow us to coordinate new technolgies and grow together under a coordinated business network.  More announcements to come. Stay tuned.

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Like Kind Exchanges Will be Hot Again?

Like kind exchanges to flourish under new tax rates?

An almost forgotten area of the tax code are the provisions surrounding so called like-kind exchanges and their ability to reduce or eliminate taxes on (mostly) real estate transactions.  The big players have always known about and frequently used this tax saving device.  It is rather […]

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Well the election is over where do WE stand?

Joint Tax Committee Says No More Mortgage Interest
In a move that certainly will be positive for the economy, the study released before the election and suppressed by the media, where among the tax reform considerations was the recommendation to eliminate most itemized deductions, including mortgage interest and state and local taxes.  Moreover they also recommended […]

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Guest Blogger Today: AJ Miceli of the Miceli/Castellon Group

Getting “There” You wake up on the first day of vacation. The air in your house practically crackles with excitement as your family attends to last minute details and finishes their packing. You and your spouse grab the dog and the kids and stuff them into the car. You hop on the road and […]

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October News You May Choose To Use

IRS May Report Debts to Credit Bureaus
In another erosion of our privacy and the governments’ attempt to pass the buck on their responsibility to collect and enforce the tax code, The GAO (remember the guys in the Las Vegas bathtub?) has recommended the credit bureau reporting of tax debts. So when the IRS screws […]

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