Fix to America Part 5: Term Limits.

George Washington offered the 2- term limit for President as an example, not by law. Ultimately the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution, settled the issue once and for all. FDR had turned the Presidency into a dynasty from 1932-1945. Some would say he would still be President if he were still alive. Term […]

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Midyear Report at Boca Accounting – July 2017

THANK YOU for your continuing business and support. Our tax season was “taxing” this year with challenges provided from technology and outside sources.


We made a major change in our technology platform increasing our cloud capacity (and security) and software applications. This took some patience and trial and error to get it to work smoothly […]

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Baseball to Business


Boca Accounting is part of the Miami Marlins Baseball to Business program which is a professional network of team partners, suite holders, community leaders and season ticket holders and the various businesses they operate. B2B was developed to “connect the dots” between members in the Marlins business community, making them more productive and successful.

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Part 4: How to Fix the USA

Part 4 of the fix for America

Balanced Budgets

Before I start talking about money which is my business, I have to point out my particular bias.

Since I have no children, I could give a crap what happens to the world 50 years from now, since I’ll be dead and forgotten. So what I say here […]

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Part 3: How to Fix the USA

Part 3 Fix To America


No one can argue our country has become a fountain of entitlements and privileged classes of citizens.  These include those being funded by certain taxes and those that are just freebies. Students, retirees, the poor, the rich, corporations, non-profit organizations all feed out of the entitlement trough.  Poverty has become […]

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Getting There

Getting “There”


You wake up on the first day of vacation. The air in your house practically crackles with excitement as your family attends to last minute details and finishes their packing. You and your spouse grab the dog and the kids and stuff them into the car. You hop on the road and begin […]

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Part 2. How to Fix the USA

Fix # 2 Mandatory Service

In ancient Rome non-citizens could earn their citizenship by military service. Similarly today foreign born residents can do the same in the US Military.  Conscription has been utilized throughout US history, even to support the Emancipation Proclamation, which was Lincolns’ recruiting tool for the freed slaves in 1863.  Later the […]

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Part 1. How to Fix The USA

Part 1 TAXES

Income taxes will contribute approximately 47% of the Federal budget in the current year. The rest of the money comes from Social Security Taxes, Corporate taxes and other excise taxes and fees. The IRS code has increasingly become a way of social engineering rather than the collection of needed money to run […]

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TOPICS IN ESTATE PLANNING – As Presented to Dental Education Group in Niota, TN.

Assets part of your estate may come under siege at any point in your lifetime. Having an effective plan in place can protect you from unnecessary loss.

CPA Richard Grassano presented tactics in Estate Planning to medical professionals at the Dental Education Group based in Niota TN in April 2015.

Call our office to find out […]

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BIG NEWS! Habitat for Humanity needs your help!

My mortgage group just signed a contract with Habitat for Humanity to buy the materials to build a home for a family. Normally when H4H builds a family a home it comes with a mortgage. Not ours! We are going to give a deserving family (selected by H4H) a house free and clear!

Each time […]

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